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Covid Vaccinations

We have received a huge number of calls in the last few weeks , patients looking for "SPARE" vaccines.

We have now finished our vaccination clinics.

If you have not been contacted by our staff with an appointment then you must wait for your age category with the HSE Registration.

We have NO left over Vaccines and we are not getting anymore delivered from the HSE.

We have vaccinated all our over 70's patients and patients in Cohort 4&7

HSE Guidelines for Covid Vaccinations in GP Practice


GP's have NO ROLE in the vaccination of patients 60-69.

Cohort 4a
This group will only include those aged 18-59yrs and includes the below patient group
• Diabetes where the patient has HbA1c > 58mmol/mol in last 12 months
• Obesity where patients have a BMI > 40
• Chronic Respiratory Disease where patient is on home oxygen, pre or post transplantation or with a hospital admission related to disease in past year
• Patients with Prader Willi syndrome
Cohort 7
This includes the below patient group, again aged 18-59yrs.
Haematological - within 1 year.
Haematological - within 1 - 5 years.
Non-haematological - within 1 year.
All other cancers on non-hormonal treatment.
Chronic heart (and vascular) disease
Chronic heart disease, for example: heart failure, hypertensive cardiac disease.
Chronic kidney disease
Chronic kidney disease with eGFR <30ml/min.
Chronic liver disease
Chronic liver disease, for example: cirrhosis or fibrosis.
Chronic neurological disease or condition
Chronic neurological disease or condition significantly compromising respiratory function and/or the ability to clear secretions, for example: Parkinson's disease, cerebral palsy.
Chronic respiratory disease
Other chronic respiratory disease, for example: stable cystic fibrosis, severe asthma (continuous or repeated use of systemic corticosteroids), moderate COPD.
All other diabetes (Type 1 and 2).
Immunocompromise due to disease or treatment, for example: high dose systemic steroids (as defined in Immunisation Guidelines for Ireland Chapter 3), persons living with HIV.
Inherited metabolic diseases*
Disorders of intermediary metabolism not fulfilling criteria for very high risk.
BMI >35 Kg/m2.
If any of the above applies to you we will be in contact.
Otherwise you register through the HSE Portal as your age category applies.
Thank You


Rollout of COVID-19 vaccines in Ireland -

Vaccine registration HSE Portal Info

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